Even Christians need to hear the Gospel

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Solus Christus and the Pastor
from Christ Alone
by Rod Rosenbladt

We are now in a position to talk about the church’s ministry, that is, the office of the pastor. It is the call of the pastor to preach from the text of the Bible God’s Law and God’s Gospel and to administer baptism and the Lord’s Supper according to the command of Christ. This is the center of what a Reformation pastor is called to do in a congregation. It is a call to do solus Christus before the local flock, Sunday after Sunday, month after month, year after year. After hammering out the sinfulness of all persons, including Christians, from the Bible, he is to announce on the basis of the text from the Bible for that week what Christ’s death and resurrection have done, even for us “still-sinning believers,” to meet this particular aspect of God’s Law.

The point here is that the pastor is to preach from the Bible text how the death of Christ can save even a Christian! Of the many possible themes in Scripture that may be preached, he is particularly to preach as central the forgiveness of sins wrought by Christ on our behalf.


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