Dowdell apologizes | Opelika-Auburn News

cbf-grave-decorationDowdell apologizes | Opelika-Auburn News

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I am suprised that some pro-Confederates are satisfied with this “apology”.  I don’t know about the rest of you but if any of my children had misbehaved this badly such an apology would just not do.

Imagine the result if Dowdell had kicked over Jewish headstones because he or one of his racial constituents was “offended” by the Star of David! Even if he were a Moslem or a Palestinian, would an apology have been satisfaction? This apology? Any apology? Guess again.

If simple memorials like flag decorations are in peril of destruction how much longer before the headstones themselves are pulled up?  Y’all, we need to let people know that we are not going to accept this kind of mischief. We need to demand that the city buy the Confederate flags for the next ten years and declare a city-wide recognition of Confederate memorial day along with an SCV approved curriculum for the schools for an April Confederate history month and that they sponsor public service announcements to raise public awareness of the Cause for which our ancestors fought. This would help blunt the bigotry and intolerance of ignorant apparatchicks like Dowdell and his ilk.  Of course, this won’t come forth from the goodness of the city council’s heart. They must be made to see that we who honor our ancestors are a force to be reckoned. Sentiments are not enough. If they were staring down the barrel of a lawsuit, we might get their attention. That’s a good reason to support the SLRC.

I appreciate the mayor and city council denouncing this act but I am afraid that it does not go nearly far enough to assure me that this grave-robber will cease and desist. He will be back. In a new guise with a new tactic but with the same intent, viz. to defile and desecrate.


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