Started teaching Fall classes today

Today we started the Economics class for the older students. Wyatt, Clayton, Stuart, William, and Robert were present. We will be studying “The Clipper Ship Strategy” in the Uncle Eric series.

These book are an excellent introduction to Austrian Economics. He gives very practical economics lessons that will actually be used by the students. This is not a bunch of pointy headed nonsense that has no relation to the real world. This is a very exciting time to be teaching this subject with the background of a global economic meltdown going on as a result of not following the Austrian school.

Afterward, we watched the silent film “The Yankee Clipper”. In a week or two, as we get further into the book, it will soon be obvious what the relationship is between the clipper trade and the subject of this book.

We will also be studying rhetoric in the second hour, but we did not start that subject today.

Monday and Thursday Wyatt and I discussed Aristotle’s Nichomacean Ethics.