Noam Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle

I just began reading Noam Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle, the United States, Israel & The Palestinians. The book was published in 1999. On page x of the preface he writes,

“A “worst case” prediction for the crisis a few years ahead would be a war between the U.S. and Iran: unlikely, but not impossible. Israel is pressing very hard for such a confrontation, recognizing  Iran to be the most serious military threat that it faces.”

I found it very interesting that Israel has been pushing such a nefarious war for so long, hoping to make us shed our boys’ blood to prop up her interests. They still want that war and fortunately we are too tied up in two other stupid wars to be able to sell that particular bit of adventurism to the folks at home yet.

He continues on page xi:

“The propaganda campaign about “Islamic fundamentalism” has it farcical elements—even putting aside the fact that U.S. culture compares with Iran in its religious fundamentalism. The most extreme Islamic fundamentalist state in teh world is the loyal U.S.  ally Saudi Arabia —or, to be more precise, the family dictatorship that serves as the “Arab facade” behind which the U.S. effectively controls the Arabian peninsula, to borrow the terms of British colonial rule. The West has no problems with Islamic fundamentalism there. Probably one of the most fanatic Islamic fundamentalist groups in the world is recent years was led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the terrorist extremist who had been a CIA favorite and prime recipient of the $3.3 billion in (official) U.S. aid given to the Afghan rebels (with roughly the same amount reported form Saudi Arabia), the man who shelled Kabul with thousands killed, driving hundreds of thousands of people out of the city (including all Western embassies), in and effort to shoot his way into power . . .

Similarly, it is not at all concealed in Israel that its invasion of Lebanon in 1982 was undertaken in part to destroy the secular nationalism of the PLO, becoming a real nuisance with its persistent call for a peaceful diplomatic settlement, which was undermining the U.S. -Israeli strategy of gradual integration of the occupied territories within Israel. One result was the creation of Hizbolla, an Iranian-backed fundamentalist group that drove Israel out of most of Lebanon.”

That paragraph then reminded me of this classic interview about the 2006 invasion of Lebanon given by George Galloway. This is a case study in how to handle these silly, empty talking-heads that are simply propaganda posters and disinformation agents. Study his techniques in handling a hostile interviewer.


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