The Mysterious Death of Bush’s Cyber-Guru – Michael Connell

Here is a strange story.  Michael Connell, a Bush IT insider, is implicated in rigging the vote of the crucial Ohio election in 2004. He gives a deposition in a lawsuit arising from this alleged voting fraud and six weeks later he dies in the fiery crash of his private plane.

Coincidence? Maybe.

What raises the bar of suspicion is that:

“Normally, a night crash scene would be roped off and investigated in daylight. In this case representatives of the NTSB and FAA used light towers to photograph and document the scene. Connell’s plane was hastily removed to a secure hangar under cover of darkness. By 6 a.m. the investigators had vanished, leaving behind them a trail of debris, and one very angry widow.”

Hasty indeed. The grieving widow and mother later visited the crash-site and recovered some of Michael’s personal effects that had been left behind including, most shockingly, pieces and parts of her late husband’s body.  It seems that there was some undue haste.

Missing, however, and not recovered was her husband’s Blackberry phone containing, “hundreds, if not thousands, of sensitive files and e-mails relating to Karl Rove and the Bush administration.” The NTSB, the FBI, no one has come up with the phone.

That much would be mysterious, curious even, but the next part of the story is sinister:

Clouding matters further is the persistent specter of paranoid conspiracy that has enveloped the case from the beginning. In September 2009, an anonymous letter was sent to the FBI in Ohio and five other addressees, including Heather Connell. “Enclosed is a document that is not meant to exist,” begins the anonymous writer. Included is what purports to be an “after action report” by a black ops agent. All names have been redacted, but the report provides a detailed time log of actions taken to install an AMD (microprocessor) in the engine of Connell’s plane at College Park Airfield in D.C. the night before he made his fatal last flight. Connell himself is not mentioned by name. Just the registration number of his plane, NP299N, which the agent confirms he had been sent to “neutralize.” The letter accompanying the report is headed MICHAEL CONNELL, HOMICIDE. It ends with the words: “Connell was not NST (national security threat).”

I will be interested to see how this turns out.

NOTA BENE: One may read most of this story on the Lew Rockwell page. But, following the link on the Lew Rockwell page to read the rest of the story will take you to a web site called Maxim appears to be a magazine with questionable taste.  Regrettably, their web page contains in the sidebar thumbnail pictures and ads for the magazine of skimpily clad, busty slatterns in contorted poses which many may not want to see. Not recommend viewing for children under 18. Fair warning.


Africa Economic Analysis – The myth of Neo-colonialism

The myth of Neo-colonialism via Africa Economic Analysis – The myth of Neo-colonialism.

This is an interesting article by Tunde Obadina, director of Africa Business Information Service.

I came across this article in responding to a comment about the Loose Cannon article on Haiti. Mr. Obadina makes some very valid points that are worth considering with respect to Africa, colonialism and a path forward for that continent.

Tunnel beating victim says cops wouldn’t help her | KOMO News – Breaking News, Sports, Traffic and Weather – Seattle, Washington | News

Tunnel beating victim says cops wouldn’t help her | KOMO News – Breaking News, Sports, Traffic and Weather – Seattle, Washington | News.

It would be so easy to dismiss this little girls story as a fabrication except for the video footage that confirms exactly what she claimed. Honestly, what reasonable person would believe that a young girl could be making an appeal for protection to the authorities and then be jumped right in front of the cops by a gang of hoodlums and that the cops would stand by and do nothing? Are you really going to believe that the cops allowed this girl to be beaten, stomped, kicked in the face as she lay right at their feet and they simply stood there watching and that they made no effort to intervene? It beggars the imagination. It is just too incredible of a story to be entertained for one second. If it were not that there is a security video tape of the entire thing that confirms every point, I would not believe it.

These cops need to be fired, no, put in the stocks so that decent people can throw things at them. This girl needs a just monetary compensation, a concealed carry course of instruction and a nice handgun.

I found this first story while I was reading this story below:

Judge: Seattle gun ban is illegal | KOMO News – Breaking News, Sports, Traffic and Weather – Seattle, Washington | Local & Regional.

I am glad to see that this judge had the good sense to overturn this ban. After reading the story above, it should be obvious to even the stupidest person why the right to bear arms is important. What good did it do to have cops in this case. It did no good. It was not a question of response time or undermanned or out-gunned cops. The cops were right there watching. I hope that they did not get the girl’s blood on their shoes. No, this was a case for needing a gun if ever there were one. One warning shot from a bystander and one shouted command to stop would have probably ended this. One person with a little guts is all it would have taken. One thing is clear. Having three cops right there was not enough to stop it.

Haiti and the blacks! – Opinions – Sunday Standard

01-18-10 American Red Cross Matt Marek with Mari Michele Melson at a First Aid Post in Petionville, Port-Au-Prince.

Haiti and the blacks! – Opinions – Sunday Standard.

Here is an interesting view on the tragic Haitian earthquake and the subsequent rescue efforts. It is not a view that you will read in your local newspaper but what a unique viewpoint this Botswanan reporter expresses. Only a African can say this and not be lynched by the harpies of Social Bolshevism (i.e. P.C.).

// Thursday, February 4, 2010

Haiti and the blacks!
by Loose Canon
24.01.2010 4:23:39 P

I hope black people will learn a lesson from the earthquake that hit Haiti.
If they don’t learn anything from it, then I throw up my hands in despair and give up.

Let’s start with a few basic facts.
Until the earthquake, I never knew there was a place called Haiti. I was taught geography at school but I cannot remember a time when the mistress told us about Haiti. It must have been one of those insignificant countries that we had no reason to know about.

I was fairly good at geography because I knew which country was on which continent. I also knew many capital cities. But as for Haiti I was clueless.

Now the whole world, including myself, knows about Haiti. I heard news of the earthquake on the radio. I wondered where Haiti was and what sort of people lived there.

Finally, when I switched on the television, I was informed that Haiti is an island out in the Caribbean. Television pictures revealed a place populated by black people.

From the non-stop television coverage of the earthquake, I got to learn about the history of Haiti. It was not a good history lesson. It would seem throughout its existence Haiti has suffered a series of natural calamities. In the process it has sunk even deeper into poverty and deprivation.

Like all places populated by black people, Haiti is poor. As I watched the television images, I felt very sorry for that forsaken place. Then I was hit by a thunderbolt.
I wondered what if there were no white people. You see, when the earthquake hit Haiti somebody had to come to its assistance. There had to be a rescue effort. The Haitians who survived of course did their fair bit by digging out their families from the collapsed ramshackle buildings.

But such was the scale of the devastation and the loss of human life that a bigger effort was needed. For that sort of work, you need heavy lifting gear and other sophisticated rescue equipment. I have been following the story of the earthquake keenly. I can attest to the fact that the first people to arrive with sniffer dogs were white crews from all over the world.

The aero planes that set off carrying water and food were from white countries. Not only that, the teams of volunteer doctors that I saw on television comprised white people from across the world. As the sniffer dogs went into action, the organized rescue teams that carried the stretchers were made up of white people.

It was announced that a mobile hospital was on the way. It was coming from a white country. For all intents and purposes in the aftermath of the earthquake, Haiti was literally swarming with white people. They had all arrived to save the poor blacks. And the locals were so happy to see them. Granted there were teams from the Orient such as the Chinese and Japanese. They too had quickly left their homes and families to go and assist the stricken people of Haiti.
It is obvious to everyone that this was a devastating earthquake and the work to repair Haiti and return it to a modicum of normalcy will take many years. Somebody had to commit funds to this effort. Most of the countries that have committed funds to aid the recovery are white. In fact, it would seem the whites are running the show in Haiti.

What is my point?

My point is that ever since Haiti was hit by the earthquake I have not seen any of my folks from Africa. Unless the television cameras deliberately ignored them, I never saw a rescue team from my motherland. Nor did I see any sniffer dogs from down here.
Heck, I never saw a single traditional doctor busy divining where to find people buried under the rubble.

Haiti is a land of black people. I would have expected the place to be swarming with black people helping their own. They were nowhere to be seen. I never saw any ships from black countries pulling into the harbour.

As the air traffic circled above the small airport, none of the planes was reported as coming from Africa. The blacks were nowhere to be found. They issued tepid statements of condolence to the people of Haiti and a few of the African countries donated small amounts of cash.

Granted that was better than nothing. But I must say I was disappointed. I was sad because the blacks did not behave as I had expected. You see, for far too long black countries have been insolent to the point of being abusive. They have a tendency of insulting the white man and telling him to keep out of their countries. In Fact, black people have the temerity to tell white people they can perfectly survive on their own.
So I had expected the black countries to be consistent and behave true to form. Why didn’t black countries tell white countries to stay away from Haiti because we were quite capable of leading the rescue effort? We should have insulted them as we often do at international forums.

There, our countries insult white countries and accuse them of imperialism and neo colonialism. I was extremely disappointed when our countries failed to accuse white people of practicing imperialism and neo colonialism by coming to rescue the blacks of Haiti.

We should have told them we have better sniffer dogs that have been taught only to rescue black people. We should have told their ships to stay away and their planes not to overfly Haiti because we were up to the job with our own ships and aeroplanes.

We should have brought in our traditional food instead of the strange rations the Haitians are not accustomed to.

I am so disappointed by the black leaders that I hope never to hear them again bleating about how bad white people are. The earthquake in Haiti was the most opportune time to show the whites, once and for all, that we don’t need them.

From now onwards, I want black leaders to shut up and never accuse ever white people of being bad. I am sick and tired of big words such as imperialism and neo colonialism which are unable to rescue victims of the earthquake.

I hope this is not the last earthquake that hits a black country. I want the next one to specifically hit the residence of Old Man in Harare. Then we will see if he will abuse the white crew coming to rescue him and Pretty Face!

The Roman Army Knife: Or how the ingenuity of the Swiss was beaten by 1,800 years | Mail Online

The Roman Army Knife: Or how the ingenuity of the Swiss was beaten by 1,800 years | Mail Online.

The Romans were such an amazing people. If they had invented electricity and the steam engine they would probable still be in charge.