The Mysterious Death of Bush’s Cyber-Guru – Michael Connell

Here is a strange story.  Michael Connell, a Bush IT insider, is implicated in rigging the vote of the crucial Ohio election in 2004. He gives a deposition in a lawsuit arising from this alleged voting fraud and six weeks later he dies in the fiery crash of his private plane.

Coincidence? Maybe.

What raises the bar of suspicion is that:

“Normally, a night crash scene would be roped off and investigated in daylight. In this case representatives of the NTSB and FAA used light towers to photograph and document the scene. Connell’s plane was hastily removed to a secure hangar under cover of darkness. By 6 a.m. the investigators had vanished, leaving behind them a trail of debris, and one very angry widow.”

Hasty indeed. The grieving widow and mother later visited the crash-site and recovered some of Michael’s personal effects that had been left behind including, most shockingly, pieces and parts of her late husband’s body.  It seems that there was some undue haste.

Missing, however, and not recovered was her husband’s Blackberry phone containing, “hundreds, if not thousands, of sensitive files and e-mails relating to Karl Rove and the Bush administration.” The NTSB, the FBI, no one has come up with the phone.

That much would be mysterious, curious even, but the next part of the story is sinister:

Clouding matters further is the persistent specter of paranoid conspiracy that has enveloped the case from the beginning. In September 2009, an anonymous letter was sent to the FBI in Ohio and five other addressees, including Heather Connell. “Enclosed is a document that is not meant to exist,” begins the anonymous writer. Included is what purports to be an “after action report” by a black ops agent. All names have been redacted, but the report provides a detailed time log of actions taken to install an AMD (microprocessor) in the engine of Connell’s plane at College Park Airfield in D.C. the night before he made his fatal last flight. Connell himself is not mentioned by name. Just the registration number of his plane, NP299N, which the agent confirms he had been sent to “neutralize.” The letter accompanying the report is headed MICHAEL CONNELL, HOMICIDE. It ends with the words: “Connell was not NST (national security threat).”

I will be interested to see how this turns out.

NOTA BENE: One may read most of this story on the Lew Rockwell page. But, following the link on the Lew Rockwell page to read the rest of the story will take you to a web site called Maxim appears to be a magazine with questionable taste.  Regrettably, their web page contains in the sidebar thumbnail pictures and ads for the magazine of skimpily clad, busty slatterns in contorted poses which many may not want to see. Not recommend viewing for children under 18. Fair warning.


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