YouTube – SA@TAC – Slaves to ‘Settled’ History

The Southern Avenger

YouTube – SA@TAC – Slaves to ‘Settled’ History.

This video essay by the Southern Avenger is one of his best so far, very cogently reasoned and full of important things to ponder.
The Yankee triumphalists  who conquered in the name of their post-millennial, pietistic, Utopian, Messianic state called the “Sacred Union!”, believed (as do their modern off-spring) that  “Progress” and historicism dictate that only one good path to the future exists and that whatever has happened is inevitably leading in that direction. Consequently, because things are progressively getting better and better, it is heresy to doubt that whatever happened in the past was deterministically for the greater good of glorious upward progress.

This, by the way, is the same religion that the Marxists believed. They preached the inevitable triumph of the proletariat due to inexorable laws of history. Check this link:  Idea of Progress – Inevitable Progress

It is, therefore, no wonder that Marxists were so involved in supporting and leading Lincoln’s War against the South. This is documented in Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War

Therefore, entropy (i.e. good things falling apart) is heresy to them. Tradition is heresy. It is also heresy to suggest that the Yankees were used to punish the South like the Assyrians were used to punish Israel. That the Yankees, although wrong and evil, were used by God to accomplish His good ends.
Blinded by their dazzling idol of eternal progress they cannot see that by their own hands they have sown the wind that will sweep away the Yankee empire in a terrible whirlwind.

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