American Bastille — I can touch the bell at my right hand

The American Bastille has arrived.

From the Apologia web site regarding the book by that name:

Originally published 1889. Lincoln’s Secretary of State William Seward once boasted, “I can touch the bell at my right hand and order the arrest of a man in Ohio; I can again touch the bell and order the arrest of a man in New York, and no power on earth save that of the President can release them.” It was this despotic power that was felt by Lincoln’s political dissenters in the North and in the Border States after he suspended Habeas Corpus and pronounced all Northern Democrats (Copperheads) to be “suspects.” This single act resulted in the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of an estimated 38,000 political prisoners, to, as Lincoln stated, “prevent, rather than to punish treason.” This massive volume documents the arrest and imprisonment without trial of Northern judges, Congressmen, ministers, and even women, and takes an important look at Lincoln’s flagrant disregard for the Constitution and American liberties for which he claimed to wage the war against the South. 778 pages. -Paperback (Confederate Reprint Company)

Well friends, Lincoln’s America is finally breaking forth in all its malignant terror like some long festering carbuncle that has at last erupted.  This is what the Yankee victory of 1865 portended. Its mother was Empire and its father, Terror. Lincoln was the midwife that brought this monster forth. We are now living under the government that our Southern ancestors fought to prevent.

You can read about this horror in its most recent naked form from my favorite statesman, Ron Paul or one of my favorite bloggers, William N. Grigg in his post The Borders are Closing in.

After you have read how our northern neighbors are treated follow this link:

YouTube – Prague’s Kafka International Named Most Alienating Airport.

to discover the training facility for the goons who committed this atrocity against a Canadian citizen who only wanted to come to the US to shop. He failed to show the proper amount of servility to his overlords and committed the crime of  lèse majesté  .

Thank God for technology! If this poor victim of pure police-statism had not been able to record the encounter, it would have been a closed case of Angry Tu#d vs. Righteous Guardian of the Democratic Empire of the Universe. His word against theirs  or cops win/you loose or “go pick up your teeth in the corner and shut up before we get bored and find some other pretext to kick the snot out of you.”

This time, un-fortunately for the Junior Cheka brigade, the Citizen-prole was able to record what happened. If you don’t think that you have lost a serious amount of liberty since the 9/11 inspired Patriot Act disaster, you haven’t been paying attention. Just listen to these recording and hear the sound of the coming jack-booted thuggery.

Make no mistake, this kind of shabby treatment has been going on for some time, it has never been so well documented before. But lest you think that I am just partial to Canadians, I’m not.

Twenty-five years ago, my boss, an immigration attorney and I drove from Houston to Laredo to help a child and mother whom the INS had arrested and placed in separate cells. The child was 5 or 6 years old and common decency would have dictated that the child should have been kept with her mother. Can you imagine the terror the little girl must have felt? Can you imagine the mother’s anguish at being separated and unable to know her daughter’s fate? We drove half the night to help these people, arriving at zero-dark-thirty in the morning. What a shabby lock-up we found them in. Fortunately, with our advocacy, the mother and her daughter were reunited.

I just wonder. Do they look for the stupidest, most callous people they can find to do these jobs? Forgive the broad brush. I hate to paint the good agents with the tar that the bad ones deserve. On the other hand, most all these men seem to succumb quite readily to the group think of jack-booted thug-dom. They come to think that everyone they deal with is a “turd”. Forgive the vulgarity, but that is the term-of-art they use to describe us; us, being anyone that is not one of them.

No doubt some (most?) of their customers fit that vulgar description, but that does not excuse them from attempting to make a distinction between a probable terrorist and a probable tourist and acting accordingly. Nor are they to be excused from the obligations of common decency when dealing with an illegal alien mother and her child.

We must assert the proper role relationships here. It was not that long ago that public servants were expected to act like servants. Now it seems that they have the whip-hand over their masters, i.e. “We the People”. We cannot let them continue to usurp this authority. They must be made to keep their place and recognize that we, the people, are the boss of them. They exist at our sufferance and they are in our pay, not the other way around.

If we do not take active measures to see that these proper roles are maintained you can soon expect to see the Black Marias of State-sponsored terror trawling your neighborhoods and taking with them whom they will. This path only leads to George Owell’s vision of the future, “a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”


PJTV – Sonja Schmidt’s Left Exposed – Betrayed By Climategate, Shattered Warmers Become Global Mourners

PJTV – Sonja Schmidt’s Left Exposed – Betrayed By Climategate, Shattered Warmers Become Global Mourners.

Finally! Some emotional support for all those true believers in global warming who were left with a chill after this last winter’s icy blast. Send this link to your friends (well, who really can say that they are “friends” with global warmers?) who may be suffering from denial and withdrawal after Toto pulled back the curtain of falsehood to reveal the Climate-gate charlatans behind the Global warming hoax of 21st Century.

This video is worthy of the Onion.