The Civil Rights Myth

“. . . ever since the days of Abolition, whites had grown used to having this mass of people to pity. These black victims of the “bad” whites made the “good” whites feel expansive and noble, as they still do. The graphic depictions of past sufferings relentlessly offered up by the NAACP suited these whites just fine.”

via The Civil Rights Myth.

The brilliant Elizabeth Wright scores again. Please read this essay. Have your children read it. It should be required reading for everyone who claims that they “support” the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or claims to be pro-civil rights for Black people or all for people or for whatever. You may need sunglasses to read it if you are not used to the bright glare of good sense in print. I know, it’s rare these days. Anyway, do yourself a favor and start reading Mrs. Wright.


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