New York hotel pioneers birth tourism | News | Breaking Travel News

New York hotel pioneers birth tourism

Just like Rome did, you can now buy your American Empire Citizenship in style and ease by dropping an anchor baby in Babylon on the East River surrounded by the comfort of this stylish suite in this exciting capitol city of the World.

Forget about waiting in long lines at the embassy or enduring  the hassles of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement goons. No more hunkering down behind cacti waiting in the arroyo for the Migra to go away. This is way to have y0ur American baby and your shot at getting your share of the native-born American’s patrimony.

No sir, or Señor or Sahib as the case may be, give birth here to that tired, that poor, that huddle mass of humanity yearning to breath free, rent free, healthcare free, heck it’s all free. We still have plenty of other people’s money (there a least a billion thrifty Chinese in the world we can continue to borrow from). Then you, and all ten-thousand of your closest personal relatives, will have a shot at American Empire Citizenship too! Ain’t that 14th Amendment citizenship grand? After all we couldn’t dream of breaking up a family. Why that would make us just like the evil slave owners. No. We would rather break the country up instead.

So, come on! Get in on the greatest deal in town.


2 Responses to “New York hotel pioneers birth tourism | News | Breaking Travel News”

  1. Travis Hutchinson Says:

    This is an absolute and pervasive myth. I work extensively with immigrants and immigration attorneys. If you are not a US citizen and you have a baby in the United States, the baby has no effect on your ability to immigrate. They will send a family back to their home country and allow the baby to stay with others in the US. This is because the child has to be 18 to file a sponsorship petition. I am dealing with exactly this situation RIGHT NOW. A pastor from another country, educated in the United States, multiple entries always honoring the conditions of his visa, persecuted in his home country, with one US child among three, is in no better situation than if he had three non-US kids. We talked with the immigration attorney extensively. This is one of the most common immigration myths, but it is exactly that, a myth.

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