The Tonton Macoutes of Detroit run out of pockets to pick in Dee-troit, they now turn their rapacious gaze to more lucrative locations like the Federal hog trough.  Just about every productive industry has been bled dry or has run screaming from this once great city by a government run like a Banana Republic. Now, it looks like the Tonton Macoutes of Detroit are coming gunnysack-in-hand to loot you.

Detroit city councilwoman, JoAnn Watson says the Federal Government needs to bail out Detroit. That means you need to bail out Detroit, because she and her council members have done what they always do in these circumstances. They have managed to turn a productive First-World city into a Third-World garbage heap.

So when you hear the sound of that gunnysack swishing your way, don’t be afraid. It’s only JoAnn and the rest of the Tonton Macoutes coming for a pay day.

See the rest of the story published in The Detroit News by clicking this link:


One Response to “The Tonton Macoutes of Detroit”

  1. Lynne Neal Says:

    Excellent summary of the article Neill….full of your usual dry sense of humour. Tonton Macoutes indeed. 🙂

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