A Great Woman Has Passed

VDARE.COM’s Appeal Update, And Elizabeth Wright Remembrance | VDARE.com.

No wonder the buildings shook in New York yesterday. Elizabeth Wright is dead. I am strangely saddened at the passing of someone I only knew through e-mail correspondence and through her brilliant, piercing and erudite writing.

We became friends years ago on a Southern Heritage e-mail list. It was somewhat odd that a Black woman from New York City would have an interest in such a list. It soon became apparent that she had a different perspective that that of most Blacks.

She was convinced that in the Southern White man lay the Black race’s best chance for a square deal. She loved the ideals of the old Republic and it’s Constitution. The Southern White men she contended were the only group of Americans who as a whole still talked about the Constitution, who still cared about the founding ideals. She felt that her future and her people’s future would be safer under the government of a people who still supported the rule of law than under the caprices of the current system.

She came to my defense, when I was accused of being a racist on that list by a certain person who has a mythical and a-historic view of the Old South. He skulked off the list yet, he still maintains his slanders to this day. Yet I would rather count her my friend than get the approval of a such a confused character assassin any day.

She was very proud of her race and what they had accomplished before the Liberals and LBJ destroyed the progress Blacks had made in the so-called bad old days of Jim Crowe.  In the 1950’s Blacks were at the height of intact families, single-family home ownership, low rates of bastardy and high levels of business ownership. All of this she documented on her web site Issues and Views.  All of that came to an end with the grossly mis-named Great Society.

I am very sad that she has passed from the scene. I hope that you will go and read her writings so that you can appreciate what has been lost.


Obama Eyes 401K and IRAs for Government Control and Theft | Ron Paul 2012 | Sound Money, Peace and Liberty

Obama Eyes 401K and IRAs for Government Control and Theft | Ron Paul 2012 | Sound Money, Peace and Liberty.

Read this article if you want to know where the government will go to get the cash they need for the next fix. Like a pathetic junkie, they will do anything to avoid the grinding pain of going cold-turkey. If congress denies the junkie his fix, well, he has already been scoping out the big pile of pension fund money and your 401k’s.

The Dear Obama is more like the Shop Steward in Chief of the Union (that is no idle word there). You already know what the union always does with pension funds don’t you? Easy pickin’s.

Now you might have an idea why gold and silver have become such hot investments.



Is Gaddafi being crucified for a double-cross of gold?

The Daily Bell – Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack

Nothing about the current adventure in American imperialism in Libya has made sense to me until now. Why was the US siding with Al Queda and the rebels in Libya to topple the man who just recently was brought in out of the cold? After paying 1.5 billion dollars in reparations for terrorism, I thought that all was forgiven. What with all of the hugging going on between him and his new best friends Brown and Berlusconi, I had assumed that all was forgiven. Now suddenly out of the sands come some rebels who want to topple Gaddafi and the US flies to their aid. What’s up with that?

Nothing the US has given in the form of an excuse for ordering a fourth war front, I mean, kinetic military action, has made any sense. Now it all makes sense. A gold based Dinar for Africa, especially with the gold rush going on now in West Africa would destabilize the Western house of cards even more. They have plans that don’t include African upstarts and that includes they former new best friend.

The Daily Bell – Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack.

YouTube – Muhammad Ali – Racial Integration

He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Why is it that the Christians who have lost all natural affection (ἄστοργος astorgos, meaning they don’t love their own kindred. Look it up) want you to believe that this man does not know what he is talking about? If there is something wrong with Ali’s logic, I fail to find it.

YouTube – Muhammad Ali – Racial Integration.

The Tonton Macoutes of Detroit

http://detroitnews.com/article/20110412/METRO01/104120394/JoAnn-Watson--Detroit-deserves-bailout-Having run out of pockets to pick in Dee-troit, they now turn their rapacious gaze to more lucrative locations like the Federal hog trough.  Just about every productive industry has been bled dry or has run screaming from this once great city by a government run like a Banana Republic. Now, it looks like the Tonton Macoutes of Detroit are coming gunnysack-in-hand to loot you.

Detroit city councilwoman, JoAnn Watson says the Federal Government needs to bail out Detroit. That means you need to bail out Detroit, because she and her council members have done what they always do in these circumstances. They have managed to turn a productive First-World city into a Third-World garbage heap.

So when you hear the sound of that gunnysack swishing your way, don’t be afraid. It’s only JoAnn and the rest of the Tonton Macoutes coming for a pay day.

See the rest of the story published in The Detroit News by clicking this link: