Learn to Code

Laid off JournoDear Lying Leftist Flit Hack Journo:

No. We are not sorry for you. You who have actively worked hard to destroy the lives of so many people with whom you simply disagree. People who never hurt you, who never tried to get you fired, who never had a national, local or regional bully pulpit from which to smash and ruin the reputation of their ideological adversaries. Their “great crime” was that they disagreed with you.

You never lost a minute’s sleep worrying about their children’s future, their lost income, their bills, their poverty, their ruination. No. Like a Dachau prison guard, you were “just following orders”, “just doing your job.” Now, you have no job and we who have been on the receiving end of you poison pen journalism are not sorry for you.

You cut a great swath through the forest of truth and ethical behavior to get at us and now that your Master, the Devil, has turned round on you, you have no where to hide, the trees all being flat.

So, learn to code. But first, learn to meme. That is to say, learn how to figure out what a meme means and then go buy a sense of humor so that you can figure out why it is funny. The irony is completely lost on people like you. You were so happy that your Magic Negro (as they called him) Barack Hussein Obama was putting coal miners out of work. You did not care about the miners’ families, their bills, their descent into poverty in one of the poorest sections of the fly-over country where the only viable jobs were in the coal mines. No. Big, evil fossil fuel was being crippled and you were happy. Through ignorance or maliciousness (or most likely a combination of the two) you told those poor jobless miners, “learn to code.” That’s what makes the meme funny. The shoe is now on the other foot and it is pinching.

I am glad that President Trump has called you out for the Fake News that you practice. I am glad that the Journalistic Ship of Fools is sinking. You are just jettisoned cargo, superannuated flotsam. George Soros can only bankroll so much impedimenta and even the CIA’s black budget for Homeland Propaganda only goes so far. So, learn to code. Learn to get a real job. No one wants your gender studies or other useless leftist credentials. If you cannot learn to code, learn to weld. Learn to do something useful and if you do that, you will be helping to Make America Great Again.


Why that photo of a dead Osama bin Laden is a photoshopped fake – Telegraph Blogs

Faked photo

If you thought that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake, wait till you see this Photo-chop-shop mash up. Be sure to follow the link in the article, unless you are queasy. It is a little gory. If you don’t mind seeing a picture of a dead mid-easterner then you will have no doubt as to where they got the image that they pasted together with the Osama picture.  I don’t know what is really going on here. They seem to kill this guy with regularity. Maybe he will stay dead this time.

Why that photo of a dead Osama bin Laden is a photoshopped fake – Telegraph Blogs.